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Charlotte Basketball’s Definitive Jersey Rankings - No. 16

Fun Fact: Jared Dudley was a Bobcat!

Hey this is an inoffensive Charlotte Bobcats Jersey! The racing checkers that stripe the sides of the uniform are a nod to the town’s association with racing. The checkers are juxtaposed with the solid blue. It’s not great, but it’s not the worst either, which is damning with faint praise. The best alternative jerseys really stick out; think the Miami Heat Vice Jerseys or the Nuggets City Jersey. They are vibrant and daring even if they are niche. So, why not go all out and make these Bobcats jerseys completely checkered? It might have looked lame, but it would have popped.

Let’s discuss second paragraphs. In my previous ranking, it was suggested by Hiver, Jovox, that the second paragraph was “unnecessary.” First of all, thank you for reading and participating in the discussion, Jovox, we appreciate you. I don’t know in what context I should defend the necessity of that second paragraph or second paragraphs in general. However, please know this, I will continue to fight for my right to write (see what I did there?) second paragraphs. Necessity be damned.

To get back to the subject, these Bobcat alternative uniforms represent neither the best nor the worst the team had to offer. They represent a turning point in the definitive rankings. The remaining jerseys represent the best Charlotte has to offer, up to and including arguably the best jersey in NBA history. Stay safe.