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Terry Rozier has emerged as one of the best three-point shooting guards in the league

After four years of inconsistency from deep, Charlotte’s new guard has blossomed as a three-point threat.

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Terry Rozier was breaking out as one of the better three-point shooters in the league before the NBA put the season on hold, hitting 40.7 percent of his 6.7 attempts per game. This was a surprising and welcomed development for the Charlotte Hornets. In his four prior seasons with the Boston Celtics Rozier had never been a great shooter from long distance. He shot just 30.5 percent in his first two NBA seasons. He then made a leap in 2017-18 when he hit 38.1 percent from deep, but he then regressed to 35.3 percent last year.

As it currently stands this year, Rozier is one of 68 players to attempt at least 300 three-point shots. His 40.7 percent mark ranks tied for 10th among this high-volume group, which is solid.

Minimum 300 three-point attempts

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But not all three-point shooting is created equal. Rozier is a primary ball handler who’s expected to create shots for his teammates. Several of the high-volume shooters with better percentages than Terry are largely one-trick ponies whose offensive games primarily revolve around jacking up threes. One way to measure this is by looking at usage rate. In general, the higher the usage rate, the more a player is involved in the overall offense. As usage increases efficiency normally declines.

So, let’s compare Rozier’s shooting to his higher usage peers. By increasing usage rate to 23 percent the one-trick ponies like Duncan Robinson, Davis Bertans, and Joe Harris get excluded from the list, and this is fair given their respective roles in their offenses.

Minimum 300 three-point attempts and 23.0 usage rate percentage

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There are 38 players who have attempted at least 300 three-pointers with a usage rate of at least 23 percent. Most of them are guards or small forwards who play large roles in their teams’ offenses. This is the most fair group to compare Rozier against, and when doing so he has the fourth highest three-point shooting percentage. This is a fantastic development for the Hornets given their three-year, $56.7 million commitment to him.

The question going forward will be if Rozier can consistently hit in excess of 40 percent from deep or if this season is a one-year outlier. There are reasons to be optimistic that his hot shooting becomes the new normal. He will only get more comfortable with coach James Borrego’s offense and the young core around him should continue to improve, thus resulting with more open looks for Rozier.

But we can worry about the future in the future. At present, Terry Rozier has become one of the best high volume, high usage three-point shooters in the league.