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Charlotte basketball’s Definitive Jersey Rankings - No. 19

Make Charlotte Krunk Again!

19. 2012 Throwback Carolina Cougars Jersey

Here’s the thing about nostalgia; if it’s not mine, I don’t want any. If you thought the top of this list was going to be populated solely with the blue and white and orange of Bobcats jerseys you were mistaken..but mostly right.

These 2012 throwback jerseys were in memory of the ABA franchise that played in the Carolinas in the late 60’s and early 70’s. They were based out of Greensboro and only played in Charlotte a few times. They harken back to a time when a team named itself after a feline that was more of a nuisance than a predator and didn’t last very long. The jerseys themselves were unremarkable and not the throwbacks Charlotte fans were asking for in 2012.

And that was the biggest part of these throwback jerseys. It was 2012 and all of Charlotte was tired of looking at Bobcats Jerseys and wanted to see the purple and teal of the Hornets again. There were petitions being signed to see Hornets Jerseys in the Queen City as a throwback. Of course, legally it was impossible due to the New Orleans Hornets owning the logos and histories. But the popularity of the Hornets vintage wear and the lack of connection with the ABA history made the Carolina Cougars Jerseys duds. If it were me wanting to Throwback to a professional Charlotte basketball team it would have been the Charlotte Krunk!