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Charlotte Basketball’s Definitive Jersey Rankings - No. 14 & 13

Getting into the Good Stuff

The pinstriped Bobcats Jerseys were always the best of the Bobcats uniforms. However, there are two versions. The first on our list are these home and away pinstripes from the ‘09-’10 Jerseys. As you can see Stephen Jackson mustering the least amount of excitement for in the picture above, the Bobcats chose to mute the pinstripes in the home versions. Why? Why not mute the stripes for both home and away? I assume Michael Jordan goes deep into the reasons for that in the sixth episode of The Last Dance.

At least there isn’t CATS printed on the front. At least there aren’t NASCAR checkers going down the side. I know the first third of this list may have gotten a little negative, but these uniforms started a trend. There was a way forward for even the Bobcats. They made the playoffs this year off an All-star season from the most unsung hero in Charlotte basketball history Gerald Wallace. He also participated in the dunk contest that year. The second to last Bobcats jerseys on our list made an appearance in the playoffs, even if it was a guest appearance. Here’s to better things to come; on this list and in our city.