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Charlotte Basketball’s Definitive Jersey Rankings - No. 18 & 17

CATS: The Darkest Timeline

There is definitely a difference between the home and away jerseys from this era, and that difference is the word “Cats.” The idea, one imagines it being pitched in some boardroom at Spectrum, is that the name Bobcats wasn’t catching on with the fanbase as fast as the team wanted. How can this be more popular? Lets just put “Cats” on the jersey. People love cats. It also is the name of the buses that run through Charlotte. Synergy. Boom. But, on the positive side, the home Cats jersey is more modern and cleaner than the pinstripes or bright orange of previous years.

The away jersey is far superior during this era. The jersey had a dark blue main color contrasted with white letters spelling Charlotte. There are better away jerseys on the way, but these dark blue Charlotte’s showed that there was a better feline-less way if the Hornets would just walk down that path.

It doesn’t help that the Bobcats were going through their darkest years wearing these uniforms. The first year they donned the Cats was the lockout shortened season in which they set a record low win percentage. They lost the lottery that year getting the second pick in the draft and drafting Michael Kidd Gilchrist… The 1st pick in that draft was Anthony Davis. They broke the 20 win mark the following season by one game.

How many of these losses can we lay at the feet of these jerseys? Did the bobcats lose the first round pick because they put the word “Cats” on their jerseys? Why did they draft a shooting guard with no jump shot with the second pick in the draft? These questions and more when we return to the definitive rankings on At The Hive.