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NBA indefinitely postpones draft lottery and combine

The Athletic and Stadium’s Shams Charania broke the news Friday afternoon.

NBA: NBA Draft Combine David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

This was expected, but it still makes me sad.

With multiple scenarios for the end of the season hanging in the balance, including the “Disney Plan” pitched by Yahoo! Sports’ Keith Smith and creating a “bubble” in Las Vegas, it was inevitable for the May 19 draft lottery and May 21-24 draft combine to be pushed back. Adam Silver had once said the NBA wouldn’t make decisions regarding the hiatus until May 1, and this seems to be the first decision they made.

If the season does resume, it’s unlikely the Hornets are involved — I’d imagine the NBA would shift directly to the playoffs. So, this is somewhat of a downer for us Buzz City faithful. There likely won’t be any new, live, Hornets-related basketball content for a while, and the draft was the natural next step for us. I also feel bad for the prospects that are making a life-altering decision of whether to stay in the draft or not, and now have no answers as to when they need to make said decision.

As soon as more information on this subject becomes available, At The Hive will provide you with it. I promise.