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Charlotte Basketball’s Definitive Jersey Rankings - Nos. 11 & 10

Requiem For a Team

On the list of issues the Bobcats had assimilating into the fabric of Charlotte and the NBA, the uniforms were not head of the pack, losing held the top spot. In the nine years the Charlotte Bobcats existed they surpassed 35 wins in a season only twice. They drafted the wrong prospect basically every time they chose a player; save Kemba Walker. The good news is that all turned around when they transitioned back to the Hornets… right?... right!?

But by the end they got the uniform right. The sharp stripes contrasted by the white at home and the grey-blue away complemented each other. It was obviously reminiscent of the Hornets pinstripes, but it also echoed some of the best Jerseys in the league; the Chicago Bulls, Orlando Magic, Indiana Pacers. Pinstripes are an eastern conference staple that not only group those teams together, but also set them apart.

It’s already started with these Charlotte Bobcats Jerseys. You see them every once and a while around Plaza-midwood or NoDa (when we used to be able to see each other around). The rebranding and retro style that especially the millennial generation loves to wear. A dude with black framed non-prescription reading glasses and skinny jeans wearing a D.J. Augustin Jersey. Yes, the Bobcats jerseys are cool because they are no longer around. No matter how ironically you are wearing these jerseys you must know; they pale in comparison to the jerseys to come on this list.