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Charlotte Basketball’s Definitive Jersey Rankings - No. 9

The Hornets are Back!... in 2014

9. 2014-2017 Home & Away New Look Hornets

NBAE/Getty Images

It’s 2014 in Charlotte and the Hornets are back! Rich Cho and Michael Jordan signed Lance Stephenson in the offseason to pair with Al Jefferson and Kemba. Remember when Lance Stephenson, the eighth grader, was going to be the focal point of the Hornets offense? The problem with lance was for every banked game winner came seven or eight plays a game that left you wondering what ghost he was throwing the no-look over-the-shoulder bounce pass to, or how long he was going to splay himself on the court after exaggerating contact. But all those Lance shenanigans were even better because he was in the new look Hornets jerseys.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

When these new uniforms came out the response was “these don’t look like the old Hornets Jerseys” And, although true, it was an unfair criticism. The new hornet design was less inviting than the cartoon 80’s version. The “H’ and “S” in the name have stingers coming out of them. The team has regained the Hornets name but had not reverted to a nostalgia act. This was the Hornets of the 21st century. The uniforms are solid colors with stripes going down the side, not the anticipated pinstripes of yore. It was just as necessary to create a new look as it was to nod to the history.

Please watch this video of the world debut of the 2014 Hornets Jersey reveal video. If not for the jerseys then for Kemba in a bucket hat. The reactions of Gerald Henderson and Al Jefferson are priceless, because they are cool uniforms but what else are you going to say? I learned for the first time that Charlotte was embroidered on the side of the shorts which makes me like them even more. The Hornets wore these jerseys for three years and were replaced when Nike took over the NBA contract. These were the last Hornets Jerseys to not have the jumpman logo.