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NBA hoping to resume play in Orlando by mid-July

We might soon be able to look forward to NBA games again.

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Jr. NBA Global Championships - Africa Boys v U.S. West Boys Photo by Gary Bassing/NBAE via Getty Images

Shams Charania and Sam Amick are reporting that the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando is emerging as the most likely location to resume games among the coronavirus pandemic.

In a more detailed article for The Athletic, Amick and Charania reference sources that say a timetable that includes players returning to training by mid-June with play resuming in mid-July is the most oft-discussed topic and seems to be the most likely scenario.

The league playing games at the resort makes sense. The site has the court space (it hosts a number of basketball events year round) and the hotel space to house players and team officials.

Of course, the games would be played without fans, but that’s better than no games at all. It’ll probably give off a Summer Leauge vibe, which I personally enjoy. It’s fun to hear player chatter and cheers from the bench.

There’s no word on how the season will look if and when play resumes. Every team had between 15 and 19 games remaining when the season was halted. I imagine it’d be a stretch to get all of those games in and a full playoff. It’s probably more likely we see a condensed end of the regular season that acts more as a tune-up for the postseason, giving us just a small handful of Hornets games before we go full bore into draft mode.

Update: Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting that teams are expected to get the go-ahead from Adam Silver to begin the process of returning to camp around June 1.