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Charlotte Basketball’s Definitive Jersey Rankings - Nos. 8 & 7

Cha Bro! Cha!

8. And 7. 2019- Present CHA Jerseys

Wow I was not excited about these when they came out. The reflective looking material, the angled stripes that were supposed to be stingers made these look like slam ball jerseys; which in and of itself isn’t that bad of a style. However, if you live in Charlotte you know the recognized abbreviation for the city is CLT. CHA is what the NBA abbreviates it to so I suppose you could make an argument that it has to be uniform with the league, no pun intended. Adam Silver is not Mayor of Charlotte nor should his league dictate how we shorten our name, and frankly CLT is cooler that CHA. “Cha” is something a body-surfer from Monterey would say if he were asked, “would you like free-range cheese on your kale wrap?”

Turns out these “Statement Edition” uniforms look great on the court. The bright teal and reflective grey really stand out against the light hardwood of a basketball court. And on television it works really well in HD. If you saw the Hornets play the Nets in Brooklyn, against that weird black and grey court, it made the Hornets look like they came from the future to dunk on Spencer Dinwiddie. These might have been higher on the list if it wasn’t for how they looked in action, but they could have been lower if they would have gone with another three letters: CLT.