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Charlotte Basketball’s Definitive Jersey Rankings - No. 12

No Sleeves Til’... Never! Never Sleeves!

12. 2015/2017 Sleeved Buzz City Uniforms

There is no crying in baseball and there are no sleeves in basketball. These are the rules. I did not write the rules.

These “statement” jerseys were first introduced into the league by the Golden State Warriors in 2012. During the time Adidas had the contract to create NBA jerseys they were slowly incorporating soccer elements into the NBA style. Some were improvements, like the championship tab on the back of team’s jerseys who had taken home the Larry O’Brien sometime in their past. And some were bad ideas like making the jerseys into Futbol kits by adding sleeves.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

It was and will forever be a bad idea to inhibit in any way the shoulder movement of an NBA player. It will either alter the shooting motion or it will sneak into the players head that it is, like a placebo effect. Lebron famously ripped the sleeves off of his jersey. What’s worse is that these were not the loose fitting sleeves of a workout shirt you might wear in a pickup game, these were form fitting tight sleeves.

The other side of this coin is that they were seen as a lot more merchable. Frankly, most of the viewing public doesn’t have the frame to fill out a NBA Jersey so it can look awkward walking around with one on. Or you can try to wear a white T underneath if you don’t want to expose those chicken wings to your fellow fans. So creating a T-shirt uniform might look good on paper, but it has no place in the real world.

And it breaks my heart because I love the moniker Buzz City. I like the black and Neon teal combination, and the graphic design of the jersey really stood out even among other jerseys in the same style. And we will see later in this list how high similar jersey’s score without the sleeve.

Thank you Nike, for bringing the NBA back to its senses and out of those sleeves. But you should also treat your workers better too… no free ads.