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Adam Silver discusses short term future of NBA on conference call

The call included league executives and several players.

Houston Rockets v Toronto Raptors - NBA Japan Games Photo by Jun Sato/WireImage

The NBA held a conference call between commissioner Adam Silver, executive director Michele Roberts, and several NBA players discussing the current and future state of the NBA amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Just about every NBA insider Tweeted out several details of the call. You can check out these feeds for more information:


I’m sure there are several more with good information, but those are the guys I saw for this particular post.

In short:

  • A decision on whether or not to resume doesn’t have to come in the month of May. It doesn’t have to be early June either. Basically, we still don’t know.
  • The safest best right now seems to have all games held at one or two locations. Las Vegas and Orlando seem to be the frontrunners for those locations, but other cities have informed the NBA of their willingness to host games.
  • Fans in arenas account for roughly 40% of league’s revenue. League is looking into creative ways of broadcasting on TV to try to recoup some of that revenue.
  • The league is preparing for the possibility that games may need to be played without fans next season. It’s pretty much certain that any games played to close out this season would be without fans.
  • The league is planning for a minimum three week training camp for teams before games can resume.
  • Silver is still hopeful that the playoffs will still feature seven game series.
  • Silver hopes that daily testing will be available by the time the season resumes, which would allow the league to continue even if a player tests positive.
  • Silver couldn’t gurantee an extended stretch of season for teams on the playoff bubble to make moves. That also affects the Hornets who are currently slotted for the eighth pick but are just four games ahead of the Cavaliers, who are slotted for the second pick.
  • Silver left open the possibility for play-in games to account for the likely shortened season.
  • He also left open the possibility of pushing back the start of next season regardless of what happens to the 2019-20 season.

All this comes with the first handful of teams reopening their facilities for limited player workouts.

All of this is still weird, and we’re very far from being out of the woods with this whole thing. But it is nice to see a small ray of light that hints at the return of NBA basketball. Hopefully that happens sooner rather than later and can happen without placing a significant risk on anyone involved.