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Charlotte Basketball’s Definitive Jersey Rankings - Nos. 6 & 5

Black Lives Matter

6 & 5. 1997 - 2002 Home & Away Charlotte Hornet Jerseys

Some of the more prolific writers for At The Hive, shout out Jonathan and Chase, have already written multiple articles in the past two weeks. I have had a harder time. The events, the killings, the division in our country is all encompassing and it would be impossible of me to ignore it even in something as trivial as a jersey countdown. However, I am only going to raise up another voice, one that I trust through his flaws. I will get to the countdown now after saying, what should be innate and fundamental in our country: black lives matter.

The last jersey the original Hornets wore was a product of the nineties. The jersey had all the hallmarks of the Hornets style with a few flares that nodded towards the future. Two-toned double pinstripes are there. The striped top and solid short combo is there. The late nineties-early 2000’s flare came in with the new and improved side stripe. It is mostly green but multicolored at a closer look. These jerseys are too cool for school… almost. As the BACKSTREET BOYS will attest:

These jerseys take a little from the past and try to move it into the future. But not unlike other early 2000 artifacts ( Ja Rule, baggy shorts, the Backstreet Boys) it was done better in the past and will be done better in the future. However, these jerseys saw the most playoff success of any of the uniforms on this list. Which leads me to Baron Davis, what a great Hornet. Baron was the centerpiece of the Hornets for all three seasons he was in Charlotte. And in those three years the hornets had the best season over season run of their history.