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NBA sets important dates for free agency and draft

The offseason schedule is all but solidified now.

Philadelphia 76ers v Golden State Warriors Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

We’ve known for a few weeks now that the NBA season was set to resume on July 30th and run into mid-October. But that restart only applies to 22 teams, and the Charlotte Hornets are not one of those teams. The Hornets are in offseason mode, and now we have some dates to mark on our calendars.


The transaction window is more relevant for teams that will be competing in the bubble, but from what I know, teams not taking part in the season restart can make moves during this time as well. The Hornets have an open roster spot, so it’s possible that they make a move, but they probably don’t want to commit to any free agents beyond this season. So it’s likely they’ll sit this window out.

Now for the fun stuff:

I think the draft was originally planned for October 15th, but it’s now October 16th, which is a Friday (perfect for all those NBA Draft parties). Early entry applicants have until October 6th to withdraw their name from the draft, which is wildly close to draft day. Free agency begins two days after the draft on October 18th, with conversations officially allowed to begin at 6:00 pm Eastern, which we know will be adhered to by each and every team in the league, especially considering 22 of them are sharing resort space with one another for up to a couple months. The deals will be able to be made official after October 23rd.