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2020 Hornets prospect scouting report: Cole Anthony

UNC Guard Cole Anthony’s 2020 Scouting Report


Height: 6’3”
Weight: 190
Wingspan: 6’4.5”


3-point Shooting: Shooters-shoot and that’s exactly what Cole Anthony does, converting almost 40% of his long-range shots throughout his lone season with UNC. Cole Anthony made it clear that he’s able to score from the perimeter and was given the relative green light to take tough shots. Right now, Anthony is more of a volume shooter and a lot of his threes came from catch and shoot situations he’s also not the most efficient shooter, which can be attributed to his questionable shot-selection. When Anthony gets to the NBA, he’s going to have to create for himself when it comes to shooting the ball from the PG position.

Playmaking: Cole Anthony leaves so much to be desired as a playmaker because he gives flashes of brilliance during his time at UNC. Anthony had a lot of games where he looked pedestrian as a decision-maker, But I attribute some of that to a UNC team that lacked spacing and three-point shooting. Anthony is a player that pushes the pace for an offense and keeps the tempo high he has shown his ability to make quick decisions in an offense.

Athleticism: Cole Anthony’s first step when driving towards the rim is so fast defenders are seemingly always thrown off when trying to chase him. Anthony can get anywhere he wants on the floor he also has really good body control which allows him to seemingly draw fouls at will he averaged 5.8 FT attempts a game at UNC. Anthony is a fearless driver towards the rim and isn’t afraid to challenge big defenders comparable to Grizzlies Guard Ja Morant.


Finishing: Anthony can get to the rim with relative ease but has a hard time finishing. I compare it to Jayson Tatum in his rookie season where he had the handles and moves to get around defenders but just did not have the timing down around the rim. For Anthony, this should be an easy fix once NBA coaches get their hands on him.

Turnovers: Anthony averaged 2.7 turnovers per Basketball-Reference. Anthony is a ball-dominant Guard and can get caught up in holding the ball too long while trying to make something out of nothing. In situations where the UNC Tar Heels were down Cole Anthony would completely turn on Hero Ball mode and start going rouge which was the cause to a majority of his turnovers.

Player Comparison: Ben Gordon/CJ McCollum