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2020 Hornets prospect scouting report: LaMelo Ball

LaMelo Ball could be the missing piece to Charlotte’s puzzle.


Height: 6’7

Weight: 181 lbs


Passing: Ball has a knack like his older brother of seeing plays on the floor before they happen. LaMelo’s passing ability is probably most on display during his drives to the basket when he’s able to collapse a defense and make the right decision seamlessly. LaMelo has a floor general’s mindset when he’s on the break, he’s able to push the pace and make the right decision. LaMelo makes relatively difficult passes look so easy he just has a feel for where everybody is at on the court.

Scoring: LaMelo Ball was born to score the basketball. LaMelo around the rim is so gifted and technically sound for his age, seeing him in action you would almost mistake him for a seasoned NBA vet. It takes so much time, reps, and mistakes for young players in the NBA to really grasp scoring around the rim in the NBA and Ball just gets it. Every NBA player has their signature move, for most, it takes time to develop and hone in. LaMelo has found his signature move, his floater seemingly looks un-guardable at times and is comparable to that of 4x NBA Champion Tony Parker’s floater which he made a career out of.

Handle: The most impressive out of all his attributes is his handle for someone who is 6’8 Ball has a tight and confident handle that allows him to string together an array of moves to get around his defender. Ball’s handle allows him to become such a threat and a problem for defenses to match up against him, he can make bigger defenders look silly and presents smaller defenders size problems that he takes advantage of almost at will.


Three-Point Shooting: Contrary to all the hoop mixtapes and viral highlights of LaMelo Ball as a shooter his jump shot is just not there. LaMelo shot a pathetic 25% from long range via Basketball reference. NBA coaches will be quick to rebuild his jumper from scratch currently Ball’s jumper has a quick release and enough arc but he has to work with trying to line the shot up more.

Defense: Terrible. LaMelo Ball’s effort on defense is shameful especially for a player with the length and tools to really be a menace, but too many times he is caught not engaged and not focused. Hopefully, the NBA team that drafts him really puts the time and effort into his defense and rounding his game out as a complete player.

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