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Charlotte Basketball’s Definitive Jersey Rankings - No. 1

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Buzz City Baby!

  1. 2017-2018 “Buzz City” City Edition Jersey

We have come to the one Jersey to rule them all. The Charlotte Professional basketball’s definitive best jersey of all-time. I’ve heard from a lot of you about the purple pin-stripe or the classic away teal jerseys. But trust me Hivers and Hivettes, I’ve crunched zero numbers to come up with this pseudo-scientific conclusion; that the 2017 - 2018 “Buzz City” City Edition Jerseys are the number one jersey in Charlotte history.

The black background with the multicolored highlights really make this jersey stand out above the rest. It has the stinger detail on the “B” and the “Y” on the chest which we are familiar with on the new generation uniforms. It has the teal and purple “hornet wings” on the side which adds neon color to the binary black and white of the front. This uniform doesn’t harken back to history, it shows an evolution into the future of the team.

With all respect to the nostalgia heads who want everyone in pinstripes and short shorts out there, the only thing better than remembering the past is creating the future. This jersey has electricity. It’s exciting like walking into the Spectrum center on opening night. I also understand the irony that I’m talking about the future and showing almost exclusively Kemba Walker pictures, but he was the one making shots in these uniforms.

The phrase “Buzz City” owes a little to “Rip City.” But unlike that Portland chant, it can read as more of a call to action, as in, Charlotte Hornet Fans we need to feel you. But it can work as a chant. There are other “Buzz City” jerseys, but none that stand out as much as these. None that have as many unorthodox choices as these.

I am a fan of our past. I love throwback jerseys and Charlotte professional basketball should always bear the name Hornets. But I am more excited to see what the future holds in the city I love, in Buzz City.