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Hornets news and notes from the last week or so

It’s been slow on the Hornets news front, but there are a few minor things out there on the Internet.

NBA: Preseason-Charlotte Hornets at Boston Celtics
“I don’t know what to talk about”
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

We’re in a dead period of Charlotte Hornets news. The NBA playoffs are in full swing, but that obviously has nothing to do with the Hornets. I’m sure we’ll start getting reports of the Hornets meeting with and working out prospects, but in the meantime, not much is going on.

So I looked around the Internet and found some stories worth sharing a few tidbits on. The first is something you probably heard plenty about already.

The Hornets fired radio play-by-play man John Focke after an unfortunate Tweet. This is a tough situation. Focke’s fat finger defense is plausible, and there’s no way a sane human being would intentionally Tweet that, but it’s hard to blame the team for parting ways.

Kevin Durant joins the list of star players to praise Devonte’ Graham for his breakout season. Durant went on JJ Redick’s Old Man and the Three and was asked about young players that surprised and impressed him this season. The first player he named was Graham.

PJ Washington sat down with Sports Illustrated to talk about his rookie season and what he expects going forward. PJ expects the Hornets to make the playoffs next season, so he’s an optimist.