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SPORTBLX and PJ Washington enter investment partnership

I don’t have the slightest idea of what this is or what it means, but it’s Hornets news nonetheless

2019 NBA Draft Photo by Ryan McGilloway/NBAE via Getty Images

This morning, investment platform SPORTBLX announced that they’ve entered a ground—breaking partnership with Hornets forward PJ Washington that allows fans to “directly engage with, and invest with, the athletes and sports teams they love with their own money” (Yahoo! Finance).

I have literally no idea what this means at all. Not a damn clue. Clearly, I’m not a numbers guy — that’s kinda why I type letters onto a computer screen for a living. There are 100,000 shares of Series A Stock of the PJ Washington Inc., which is apparently the first time in sports history that fans can invest alongside an athlete in “non-traditional assets.” I assume that means when PJ makes money unrelated to basketball, fans can invest in that.

This seems similar to what Spencer Dinwiddie did with “Dinwiddie coin,” only the minimum investment in “Dinwiddie coin” was $150,000. PJ, a true man of the people that wants to engage with fans, does not require a minimum that eliminates non-millionaires from investing. Working Class PJ is the best PJ.

Fans can sign up for access to the platform now, though I certainly will not be, because there is no way I’m spending real-life money on this. But still, it’s a fun new avenue for PJ to explore during an extended layoff... and I might’ve written this article with the express purpose that there may be an ATHer who’s smarter than I and has experience with finances. The Yahoo! article on the whole situation can be found at this link.