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ATH Live: Kai Jones interview, preseason/Miles Bridges talk

Kai Jones joins the show for an interview, and Chase and James discuss the events of the preseason and ponder a Miles Bridges contract extension.

NBA: Charlotte Hornets-Media Day Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

If you ask us, this episode of At The Hive Live is pretty cool!

Kai Jones was nice enough to join Chase and James for an interview; big thanks to Charlotte Hornets PR for allowing us to speak with him. They touched on Kai’s relationship with his new teammates, how he got his nickname “King Kai,” and what he’s been working on with the Hornets coaches as he prepares for his rookie season.

Chase and James also talked about the recent preseason games and what they expect from the final exhibition contest on Wednesday against Dallas, as well as a potential Miles Bridges contract extension prior to the October 18 deadline. Come for the fun interview, stay for the thoughtful discussion!

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