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Recap: Another opponent gets hot from three, Hornets blown out by Suns, 137-106

The Hornets just can’t stop opponents from making 3-pointers.

Charlotte Hornets v Phoenix Suns Photo by Michael Gonzales/NBAE via Getty Images

Miles Bridges, scored 26, but the Charlotte Hornets couldn’t overcome a massive 3-point discrepancy as they were run off the floor by the Phoenix Suns, 137-106. It’s a short recap because it was never competitive from the outset.

The Hornets did what they do in west coast games—start poorly. They scored just 15 points while the Suns got hot from all parts of the floor. After one, the Hornets trailed 37-15.

They completely fell apart from there. They played rushed on offense. The defense was disjointed. The deficit ballooned to as large as 29 before LaMelo Ball and some other starters came in and made a couple of shots. The Hornets were able to trim as many as 10 points off that deficit as halftime approached. The offense started to come easier, but the defense did not. The Hornets gave up another 32 points in the second quarter and went into the half trailing 69-47.

And momentum the Hornets built up heading into halftime was quickly wiped away at the beginning of the third quarter. The Suns started the quarter with a 15-6 run to go up by 31 points. That lead grew as large as 36 at multiple points in the third and turned the game into garbage time very very early. The fourth quarter was of no consequence.

The Hornets dominated the Spurs when they got hot from distance last Wednesday. The other three games on this road trip have seen the Hornets get absolutely buried from deep. Tonight, the Suns were 20-of-41 from deep. In their three losses on this road trip, the Hornets have given up 60 total made threes.

They need to figure something out on that end. Monday night’s game is against the Jazz, and they could drop 30 3-pointers on this team if they don’t get their defense together.