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Podcast: LaMelo Ball’s breakout, Cody Zeller’s return, and quarter season reviews

LaMelo Ball just played his best game and the Hornets have looked really good.

NBA: Atlanta Hawks at Charlotte Hornets Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The Charlotte Hornets are coming off back to back upset wins as we sit near the quarter pole of the season. This podcast ran a little long, but there was a lot to talk about.

  • Reactions to the Hornets two recent wins over the Pacers and Bucks
  • The difference in the Hornets between when they win and when they lose
  • Containing Giannis
  • The Hornets trending towards being the best passing team of all time
  • Where we see the Hornets finishing the season relative to their current spot in the standings
  • Paths to improve the team in-season
  • The rebirth of Malik Monk
  • LaMelo Ball taking over against one of the best team’s in the league
  • Terry Rozier’s injury and what it could mean for the lineup moving forward
  • Cody Zeller’s return and how much of an impact he’s made
  • Gordon Hayward actually wasn’t a terrible signing
  • A travesty of a rookie ladder
  • People being rational on Twitter
  • A look ahead to a tough week’s worth of games