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The Charlotte Hornets are elite in the clutch

Why national media is paying so much attention to the Hornets this season

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Charlotte Hornets Nell Redmond-USA TODAY Sports

In the past, the Hornets have fallen to the wayside in terms of national attention. It took the top prospect in the league to get their name out there. Now the whole team is reaping the benefits and making the most of this opportunity. People everywhere are starting to take note of Hornets basketball and they have become one of the most entertaining teams to watch.

Whether people are tuning in to see LaMelo Ball or hear Eric Collins, they end up staying for the amazing games. Charlotte has had as many spectacular finishes this season as any team in the league. Just from memory there’s the Terry Rozier game-winner vs Golden State, the Malik Monk and-one vs Sacramento, and the wild finish just a few nights ago vs the Pistons. The NBA defines the “clutch” as the game being within five points within the last five minutes. The Hornets have the second best record in the league in those situations (13-5).

Buzz City has been nothing short of electric this year. Their success in clutch situations has garnered the aforementioned national attention the team deserves. When in the clutch, the Hornets shoot a whopping 53.8% from deep on 2.9 attempts a game. No other team shoots above 50%. They also shoot 56.4% from the field in the clutch. No other team shoots above 51%. Not only have they been exciting, but they’re in a league of their own.

Who’s leading this charge, you might ask. Well, it’s none other than former Boston buddies Terry Rozier and Gordon Hayward. They score 3.5 and 2.6 points in the clutch per game, respectively. Both are also shooting 50% or better from the field, and 55% or better from deep in these situations. Whenever the ball is in their hand, there is a good chance that they’ll make the shot.

These amazing games are only enhanced by the amazing commentary team. Eric Collins and Dell Curry have been gaining a ton of popularity this season. Collins’ “HUM DIDDLY DEE” line has become a regular on SportsCenter’s Instagram page which has over 21 million followers. People everywhere are loving the unique commentary style that they bring to the table. It makes every moment that much more special.

The Charlotte Hornets have been deprived of so much national media attention in years past, so this sort of hype is completely deserved. The team is playing great basketball, and doing so when it matters most. If you want to watch an amazing game of basketball, just turn on the Hornets and they’ll most definitely deliver.