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Stinger: The Trade Deadline Approacheth!!

Zach and Chase hit you with a quick podcast to get you ready for the upcoming trade deadline.

The Stinger is a quick podcast focused around Hornets-related subjects, whether it be Terry Rozier’s belated birthday wishes, Dell Curry’s Curry recipe, or the never-ending search for a back-up big. But it’s just a check-in. Just the stinger, just to see how it feels.

On this episode of The Stinger, Zach Brown and Chase Whitney discuss the wants, needs, and realities of the March 25th trade deadline. Chase has a crush on Richaun Holmes. Zach embarrasses himself by not being able to pronounce all-star Nikola Vučević’s name. And they discuss why the pursuit of the perfect trade candidate should not impede the chemistry that exists on the court right now.