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The Hornets announcer earning the attention of millions nationwide

The story of Eric Collins and his now classic HUM DIDDLY DEE play call

via Charlotte Hornets PR on Twitter (@HornetsPR)

HUM DIDDLY DEE! If you follow SportsCenter on Instagram, or have been on NBA Twitter at all this season, you’ve probably heard this line. You’ve probably heard all the buzz (no pun intended) about the Hornets’ announcer this season. With LaMelo Ball in town, the national media has been all over Charlotte. Well, it’s that media attention that has turned Eric Collins into an absolute superstar.

Collins is one half of the commentary team for the Hornets. He’s joined by former Hornet legend Dell Curry, and is responsible for all the amazing calls you’ve heard this season. Listening to him call games is a sure fire way to give yourself goosebumps. House of Highlights even posted a 10 minute video of his best calls from this season. With that in mind, the man behind the calls doesn’t get nearly enough credit.

He went to college at St. Lawrence University and got his master’s degree at Syracuse. Dating all the way back to the late 1990s, Collins has been involved in covering the sports world. He’s been doing this long before his time in Charlotte. Who was he covering in the 90s, you ask? None other than Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls.

Image from user “stackofsteps” on the r/CharlotteHornets Reddit

If you’ve watched The Last Dance on Netflix, which all true NBA fans should, you might have seen Collins as a sideline reporter. He covered the Bulls from 1997-2002, meaning his first year on the job was during one of the most talked about years in basketball history. He’s been surrounded by NBA greatness from the very beginning.

Collins would go on to be a part-time play-by-play announcer for the Los Angeles Dodgers from 2009-2013. He also did work for the 2008 Olympics, the Chicago White Sox, and Minor League Baseball. Outside of his moments with the Hornets, though, his most famous call was back in 2019. If you like college basketball then you know this call - SF Austin vs Duke. I’ll just play the clip below.

The Hornets have been so great this season that it’s allowed Collins to show off all he can do. From Terry Rozier’s dunk on Kevin Durant to Gordon Hayward’s dunk on De’Aaron Fox, Collins has been able to shine. He’s been garnering national attention all year long, so it was only right to tell the story of the man behind the broadcast. The man behind the HUM DIDDLY DEE.