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Recap: Brooklyn Nets Route Hornets; 89-111 In Nightmare Showing

Hornets Bad. Nets Good.

The Charlotte Hornets fall in an embarrassing fashion on national television as they are completely routed by the Brooklyn Nets, Charlotte shot making was below average and their defense was even worse as the Brooklyn Nets seemingly had their way on offense.

The Nets came out and jumped on Charlotte early taking a 6-15 lead to start the 1st quarter, It only got worse after the 1st timeout as Brooklyn proceeded to build a comfortable 21-point lead to end the 1st quarter.

The Hornets offense just did not show up for the 1st half of this game as the shot making was abysmal against a Nets defense that allowed some pretty good open looks. Charlotte went into halftime shooting just 36% from the field and 33% from the three-point line.

The 1st half was more about the lack of shot-making from Charlotte then it was about the Nets just being a great team. Although the Nets are indeed a great team Charlotte isn’t doing themselves any favors shooting poorly like this. Malik Monk and Devonte Graham were the bright spots of the 1st half as they were able to string together some shots and speed up the tempo for the Hornets offense to close the half and cut a lead that ballooned to 29 points to a manageable 20.

The Hornets came out of halftime with about the same energy they had in their abysmal 1st quarter couple that with some horrendous minutes from Bismack and you have a recipe for a blowout. Charlotte was just not engaged from the tip off and dug themselves a hole they seemed to have no interest to dig themselves out of.

The 4th quarter featured some attempt to offer some drama as Charlotte started to creep back in the game cutting the deficient down to 17 with a good amount of time left in the 4th quarter. But like so many moments in this game Brooklyn put their foot down on the neck of Charlotte’s offense and made another run to push the lead back into the 20s, where it remained for the rest of the game.

This was just an awful showing for Charlotte’s defense who always seemed just a step late to everything Brooklyn was doing offensively. The ball movement for Brooklyn was too easy, they just kept swinging the ball around until they got an open look. There was minimal resistance from Charlotte to disrupt anything for most of the game. Kyrie Irving dominated this game while only scoring 15 points, he had complete control over the pace of this game from the tip.

What capped off a terrible showing for Charlotte was Malik Monk going down with what looked like to be a leg injury, he had to be carried off the court late in the game. If Monk has to miss significant time that’s a pretty bad blow for Charlotte who was just starting to adjust with the absence of LaMelo Ball.

Charlotte falls to 24-23 and have little time to dwell on this loss as they have a quick turnaround against the Indiana Pacers on the road tomorrow.