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Stinger podcast: To Tank or Not to Tank

Should the Charlotte Hornets Tank?

The Stinger is a quick podcast focused around Hornets-related subjects, whether it be Vernon Carey Jr ROTY case, the Fox Sports/Bally’s conversion, or the James Borrego line of designer masks. But it’s just a check-in. Just the stinger, just to see how it feels.

On this episode of The Stinger, Zach Brown and Jack Simone discuss the topic most chatted about in the comment-verse: Should the Hornets tank? What the LaMelo recovery means for a potential playoff push, and who the Hornets could beat in a Play-in game.

There are multiple sound effects in this episode of the podcast. There may or may not be a “Boston Sucks” chant within this episode as well as multiple other sounds that are different levels of annoying or offensive. Additionally, I may have referred to one of Jack’s opinions about a certain play-in game as “bat feces” or some such family unfriendliness.

So, just as a warning the language is slightly spicy. But more like fast food hot sauce spicy not 5 alarm, habanero chili spicy.