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Recap: Hornets Drop Deflating Loss To The Chicago Bulls 91-108

It’s getting ugly.

The Hornets drop another road game in what seemingly looked like a game they should have had against the Chicago Bulls without Zach Lavine.

The 1st half of the game was rough defensively for Charlotte, Chicago got off to a 10-0 run to start the game, and their offense and never really slowed down from there. Chicago ended the 1st half shooting 52% from the floor.

Chicago was led by Coby White and Vucevic who combined for 25 points in the 1st half. Vucevic had a double-double at halftime with 13 points and 10 rebounds on 60% percent shooting from the floor. Vucevic had his way with Charlotte’s bigs down in the post seemingly grabbing every rebound in his vicinity and made the most of every possession when he touched the ball.

Miles Bridges and Devonte Graham were bright spots for Charlotte in the 1st half as they kept the Hornets afloat both combined for 24 points. Bridges with 11 points and Graham with 13. Bridges showed off his range converting three of his six attempts from deep in the first half and even gave us a highlight dunk before the end of the half. Graham led all scorers and was the steady hand for them in the 1st half.

Terry Rozier was quiet in the 1st half his lack of impact was noticeable and really hurt the Hornets offense that does not have many options after him at the current moment. The Hornets went into halftime down 44-58.

The 2nd half is where this one got away from the Hornets. The 3rd quarter was a dominate performance from the Bulls who ripped off an 18-2 run at one point. That run and 3rd quarter in general sucked the life out of the Hornets on both ends.

The confidence level from the team felt like it started to sink as Charlotte just couldn’t find any rhythm on offense and had no answers on defense. Vucevic and Coby White continued to score effortlessly and put the Hornets in a tough spot down 21 points going into the 4th quarter.

The 4th quarter was primarily garbage time as Chicago made one more push to really put this one out of reach for the Hornets.

Charlotte just does not have the horses right now to compete at a level that can keep them in the playoff conversation. There is no way to tip toe around this one, this was just flat out a bad loss for Charlotte.

There is no reason that Charlotte could not be at the very least competitive in this game even with the injuries they have suffered. The Chicago Bulls are not a good team, and their best player wasn’t even available for this one and Chicago still found a way to dominate Charlotte.

The Hornets will have a lot of reflecting to do on their way back to home to face Cleveland as their season is starting to slip away.