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Stinger: LaMelo Ball: Rookie of the Year: ROTY

No surprise here.

The Stinger is a quick podcast focused around Hornets-related subjects, whether it be LaMelo Ball’s fresh tats, nicknames for the Miles Bridges - LaMelo Ball dunk contest, or counting the amount of LaMelo Ball, third party, Australian league focused, accounts there are on social media...(its a lot)

On this episode of The Stinger welcomed Editor-in-Chief of At The Hive, Johnathan Delong, who came down off the content throne to talk about Devonte Graham. But then LaMelo won the Rookie of the Year award and we talked about Ball.

In the podcast, we cover the Rookie of the Year race and how LaMelo won. We talk about his season, his effect on the 2020-21 season, and what Ball’s impact will be going forward. We discuss what the ceiling of a LaMelo Ball led Hornets team might be, and how he would have to grow to lead the team to playoff success.