Long time Piston fan trying to become a Hornet fan

I've lived in North Carolina about 10 years now, and so maybe it's time to become more of a fan of the Hornets. It was a little confusing for awhile. Hornets became Bobcats, then back to Hornets? Of course, there is a fundamental nature of being a Detroit fan for over 50 years - not only did they have the same name, they won several championships that were exciting, glorious, and amazing!

Part of my basic nature will always be a Piston's fan, but I'd like to also be more aware of and perhaps involved in the basketball of the Hornets. It's appealing to analyze, evaluate, and express opinions on how teams are constructed and whether they are pursuing the right path.

I have a lot to learn, but hey, I am also an active Yahoo Fantasy Sports players, and have gotten to the Diamond Level, although a bad season put me back to the Platinum Level for now. I only mention this because I'm an equal player opportunity type of guy - I appreciate talent and look for the best I can.

So, that's my intro. I look forward to posting some stories, posing lots of questions, and responding to many others who post here on AT THE HIVE.

Thanks for having me!