How's this team taking shape?

Hi - I'm new here and a new fan of the Hornets, so I'm trying to sort things out. Forgive my questions, and better yet, please answer some of them!

Ok, how is this team taking shape for 2021-22? It's great you have the rookie of the year to start with, but there seem to be a lot more questions than answers.

If LeMelo Ball is your lead point guard, how does that affect DeVonte Graham? Is he strictly your #2 PG, or can his role be expanded? I hate being biased against shorter players, but at 6-1 186 he would have a hard time guarding most of the big shooting guards, unless you shift LeMelo on defense. Is it as simple as that? Does Graham become a swing guard to spell Terry Rozier at shooting guard? Again, it seems you lack height on defense when both Graham and Rozier are playing and Ball is out of the line-up for a rest. Rozier is on the last year of his contract so I'd probably look for a big shooting guard in this years draft to integrate with Ball and Graham.

Is Malik Monk a feature player or developing into something anyone is excited about? I don't know him very well.

With your draft pick in mind, you probably have several good options to become a combo or SG. From what I've read I really like G Jaden Springer or G Josh Gidney, and perhaps G Cameron Thomas warrants more consideration as well.

Will Miles Bridges or Gordon Hayward play some power forward, as well as small forward? Both are pretty big guys. Bridges seems stockier at 6-6 and 225 while Hayward is a strong, sinewy 6-7 225. If there is some flexibility to switch them off in both roles with your subs? PJ Washington has put up some pretty good stats. Is he your primary PF?

Bridges, Hayward, and Washington would make a pretty nice three-man forward rotation, if you can keep them all healthy. I haven't heard much about the Martin brothers. Where'd they come from and how good are they? It looks like Jalen McDaniels has improved over the past two seasons, can he be expected to contribute even more next year?

I read that trading Hayward might be explored. His contract would be a major stumbling block, plus his injury history. At 31 he's not ancient, but he's not a spring chicken either. He'd probably like to play for a ring, but dealing him to one of the top teams seems like you'd have to pay him anyway, so I frankly think he'll be on your team for awhile. That's not all bad, he's a good player, but if you were looking to rebuild and build a younger squad, that's not real likely, in my opinion.

What about center? That seems to be an obvious weakness on your team. I read you're going to explore trying to sign Andre Drummond. I know Dre from Detroit pretty well. He's an old school center; he's very talented, but you understand his limitations. He might be a really great fit though.

The limitations I think that the Pistons had was that Blake Griffin was primarily another interior player. They didn't have someone like Jerami Grant or Saddiq Bey at the time to spread the floor more. He's a good defender, good rebounder, and really might be a fantastic fit with your player scheme.

What does everyone think about your other big reserves? Is Jalen McDaniel able to play at center and power forward? How do you see Cary and Richards developing? Any expectations to see a lot more next year?

I suppose Wanamaker, Darling, and Riller are primary end of bench players. Anything there I'm missing?

Summarizing, I would envision this squad as being the best possibility:

PG Ball

SG Rozier

G Graham

SG Springer

G Monk

G Wanamaker

G Riller

G Darling

SF Hayward

PF Washington

F Bridges

F C Martin

F C Martin

C Drummond

C McDaniels

C Cary

C Richards