What are the fans, management, and player expectations?

I'm probably eternally optimistic. I like Ball's potential to be a very good point guard. You have several good guards, and likely can add another in this year's draft. I also like your forwards, although Hayward's health and contract size are sometimes an issue. Hopefully, you have the depth in your forward rotation to cushion any loss you might have game to game due to injury.

Center seems like it's a bit adrift, but Dre could be a great addition. The question really is what are your team's expectations? Do you all believe you have enough to challenge deep into the playoffs, or is a lot more time required?

Ball's stats were decent and it seems like he really matured over the course of the year. Rozier, Graham, and Monk give you four legitimate options, and this year's draft should add another quality guard.

If Hayward, Bridges, and Washington stay healthy and continue to ascend, that's a pretty good rotation too. Plus, you have some young players that might still make a jump in impact.

If you had Dre in the middle would this team really go somewhere? I think it could. What do others think? Can you climb from nearly .500 ball to .550 or above? .55 x 82 games would be 45-37 approximately, and should put you in the playoffs.

Does the team have what it takes to match up with other teams in the playoffs? How you place would likely decide a lot. The teams most likely to be in the hunt next year are:

1 Mil, 2 Phil, 3 Brkn, 4 Atl, 5 Bos, 6 Chl, 7 Mia, 8 Ind, 9 NY, 10 Tor

Match-ups would be perhaps:

Mil v Mia, Phil v Tor, Brkn v Chl, Atl v Bos

My predictions would be:

Mil v Chl, Phil v Atl

Leading to most likely:

Mil v Atl

And, ultimately:


That would take the Hornets deep into the playoffs. What would they still need? I think they would be very close to beating Milwaukee if they can contain GA.

Drummond might be the key to doing this. GA would be a handful for Drummond, but it's not outside of his skill set.

Brook Lopez is another issue, but perhaps PJ Washington or a surprise addition could handle him.

PJ Tucker versus Hayward with Bridges, I think is a net plus for us.

Middleton is a load but maybe Ball can live up to the task of containing him.

Jrue Holiday versus Graham and Rozier seems like an even match.

The benches would hopefully match up well too.