Any stats on this combination?

Read another article about how PJ Washington compliments Miles Bridges with DeVonte Graham in particular as one of the best defensive squads. I have to wonder how stats might be used to evaluate how the pair plays with LeMelo Ball, Gordon Hayward, and a big center on the court. I suppose only experience can say how this would work, but I think the four along with say Andre Drummond would likely be an outstanding starting line-up. Furthermore, I'd hope Graham, Rozier, Monk, one or both Martin brothers, McDaniels, and a soon to arrive top rookie would provide excellent bench strength.

I can envision the Hornets being favorably matched against these playoff contenders, especially with their bench:

Charlotte Milwaukee Philadelphia Atlanta

PG Ball Holiday Simmons Young

SG Hayward Middleton Curry Bogdanovich

SF Bridges Tucker Green Hunter

PF Washington Antetokounmpo Harris Collins

C Drummond Lopez Embid Capela

G Graham DiVencenzo Hill Williams

G Rozier Forbes Milton Gallinari

F McDaniels Teague Korkmaz Huerter

F Martin Cannaugton Thybulle Snell

C Richards Portis Howard Okungwu