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Stinger Player Profile: PJ Washington

PJ Washington Jr.

The Stinger is a quick podcast focused around Hornets-related subjects, whether it be why the ghost of Covid-19 seems to haunt Miles Bridges wherever he goes, Why you can’t seem to find cool “dad hats,” or how LaMelo Ball created the best tweet of all-time: “If it ain’t crack, let her run track.”

On this episode of The Stinger, the British Buzz James Plowright, co-host of At The Hive Live, comes on to talk about the ever-changing positions, conditions, and potential of the Charlotte Hornets’ PJ Washington Jr.

James and Zach discuss PJ’s growth from year to year and how that growth was masked by the team’s need to play him at the five. They discuss how he has adapted to his minutes at the center position and what that foretells about the Hornets, free agency decisions, contract extensions, and style of play. They touch on which teammates would work best if PJ Washington is the future in the paint and what PJ would have to improve upon if he is to compete with taller and stronger opponents.

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