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Stinger Player Profile: Miles Bridges

Chase joins Zach to talk about the development of Miles Bridges.

The Stinger is a quick podcast focused around Hornets-related subjects, whether it be if we draft Sengun will Zach ever be able to pronounce his name correctly, how many Ball brothers does it take to get to the center of Instagram, or whether or not the new Space Jam movie tarnishes the legacy of the Tasmanian Devil.

On this episode of The Stinger, Chase Whitney, co-host of At The Hive Live, comes on to talk about the altitude, the evolution, and the star potential of Miles Bridges.

Chase and Zach discuss how Miles has grown as a player in his three years in the league. How the addition of Gordon Haywatd and his move to the bench became the best team for the team They also talk about how Miles stepped up when injuries plagued the team last spring. They brainstorm different nicknames for the Miles Bridges - LaMelo Ball connection and how to get AirBnB to sponsor the podcast.

Please follow and subscribe to The Stinger on the At The Hive podcast feed. Yes, this podcast was recorded while the Suns were losing to the Bucks. Yes, it is referenced, and no we don’t talk enough about the greatness of Giannis.