Draft time

Thank goodness it's finally here, now we're only 4 years away from Cade asking out of Detroit when they don't build shit around him. Anywho, Kai Jones is intriguing and I personally love watching guys who play their ass off all the time. Always a good quality to have. He holds a wide range of outcomes but anything is better than Cody Zeller trying to protect the paint right? I think Sengun might go a little higher, so he could be out of reach. Every team always wants 3 and D wings, so maybe Moody wouldn't be the worst thing. He seems to be a safe bet to be productive, similar to what we heard about Saddiq Bey last year, and that's worked out well so far. I'm all for proper team construction and cohesion, but if they have the chance to draft Josh Giddey I'd say fuck it and prepare to get weird. Him and LaMelo slinging that shit cross court would be a hell of a time even if both of their jumpers are a bit wonky.

Overall, I'm optimistic even though the Hornets don't necessarily have a chance at a top prize/potential superstar. Drafting higher up shows competence, and there's clearly something decent going on here. I'll try not to overreact regardless of who they pick, but if they trade up to get Kuminga I might lose my shit. Any thoughts?

Happy draft day, y'all!