Ben Simmons Trade?!?!

Ky Carson of the SixersWire reports that a trade proposal is being considered by the 76ers to obtain Gordon Hayward and the #11 overall pick in exchange for PG Ben Simmons.

It's perhaps highly speculative but would seem to warrant thorough consideration and vetting. A move seems imminent before or during the upcoming NBA draft. Gaining the #11 pick provides some flexibility for the 76ers in obtaining more assets to replace Simmons, but it doesn't directly replace him.

The ESPN NBA Trade Machine checks that the players' salaries make a deal feasible:

It is possible that the two teams also explore whether a third team may want to become involved if a more immediate replacement for Simmons' role on the 76ers seems necessary. The 11th overall pick would definitely have some appeal to teams looking to continue rebuilding.

Since I'm a Piston's long term fan, I had to explore the option of getting the Pistons involved, and here's what I came up with, considering the Pistons would also receive that #11 overall pick:

Shake Milton and Cory Joseph would probably have to share point guard duties for Philadelphia, but this tandem might surprise. In addition to getting Simmons, the Pistons would send the Hornets Jahlil Okafor as another center option. It might be possible that the Hornet's lineup might be:

PG Lonzo Ball

SG Terry Rozier

SF Miles Bridges

PF PJ Washington

PC Ben Simmons

The idea of having a pair of 6-8 players playing two version of point-guard/center might re-shape the NBA.

The Pistons would likely covet the #11 pick, and not be opposed to getting either Thybuile or Tolliver, given that they will likely reliquish rights to Frank Jackson and perhaps Dennis Smith, Jr, this off-season.