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Hornets Specific Consensus Prospect Ranking

We polled some prominent members of Hornets Twitter to see who they viewed as the best prospects for Charlotte

During this draft cycle I came to the conclusion that fans sometimes find it difficult to combine general draft analysis of prospects and who makes the most sense for the Charlotte Hornets. To combat this issue I decided to pull together some of the finest minds who writer/podcast about the Charlotte Hornets and the NBA Draft.

The roster of analysts consisted of:

Dylan Jackson - Former ATH writer & host of the 11th Pick Podcast

Chase Whitney - Current ATH writer & co-host of the At The Hive Live podcast

Fillippo Barresi - Italian Hornets & NBA Draft writer for True Shooting & The Queens Guard + podcast host for Casa Hornets.

Lee Branscombe - Better known as “Which Carolina” on Twitter, he writes for @HoopsProspects and hosts his own podcast covering Carolina sports.

HornetsFilmRoom - Host of the @At_TheBuzzer3 podcast

Joseph Nation - Draft, CBA & Hornets guru who contributes to NBA Analytics & stats site @NylonCalculus

Jack Simone - Current ATH Writer & founder of Banner Town, USA

Nata Edwards - Co-Host of the Locked on Hornets podcast & @dimeuproxx writer

Walker Mehl - Co-Host of the Locked on Hornets podcast & host of SportsCenter CLT on @730TheGame

Richie Randall - Co-Host of the @BuzzBeatPod

British_Buzz - ATH Writer & ATH Live podcast co-host - That’s me!

So what did this All-Star level Charlotte Hornets media roster have to do?

I created a shortlist of 13 prospects which I felt were the most likely “Draftable” players in the 2021 NBA draft assuming Charlotte stay at 11. I then challenged each to rank them in order of preference specifically for the Charlotte Hornets. You can see the overall results below, as well as the rankings submitted by each contributor.

Overall Net Rankings

Individual Contributor Rankings

Some key Takeaways

- Nobody had Wagner ranked outside their top 7

- 8 different prospects received a 1st place ranking

- Three different prospects received a 1st & 13th placed ranking

- Using ESPN as a guide the group of experts are collectively higher on Moody, Kai Jones, Sengun and lower on Keon Johnson, Bouknight, Mitchell

So there you have it, the best minds out there who cover both the Hornets and the draft have had their say on who Charlotte should pick. What do you make of the rankings? Let us know in the comments below