What to do this summer

Here is my plan. Send one of our second round picks to Boston for Thompson. He is on a one year deal so he does not long term harm. He can help with our rebounding problems. I also sign Zeller to a one year team friendly deal if he is willing. That solves the problem at center for one year without damaging our cap space. Maybe Carey, Jr or Richards develops into something this season. PJ probably still gets some minutes at the 5.

I offer Monk the qualifying offer and if he gets a long term offer we do not want to match then he leaves. I offer Graham a solid contract for a backup point guard and try to keep him. If he wants to start then he can go elsewhere as well.

I draft BPA, probably going to be a wing player or guard. The main thing is I leave the cap space available to allow us to retain Bridges and Rozier. Both of those guys are key to our success going forward.

The only big splash I would consider is if Hayward wants out and is willing to waive his trade kicker. If that is the case I might move him for solid center and skip the move to bring in Thompson.

Its not flashy but it puts us in good shape now and going forwards. If the team stays healthy is makes the playoffs.