"Jordan is not doing enough."

I had a conversation with a couple of NBA fans yesterday, who are not Hornets fans in spite of living here in NC. I think that gives them the unique perspective of local media saturating you with a team that you don't really follow or care for.

They both told me, in not so many words, that Jordan is not doing enough. He should be using his GOAT status more to lure bigger free agents to the team, with assurances to teach them his GOATy ways and impart his wisdom with them.

I mentioned Hayward, but he was quickly dismissed as a minor deal and not a "headliner." They went on to say that Ball will absolutely leave when his rookie deal is up, and "go find him a super team like Dame should have years ago." Zero mention was ever made of Kupchak or JB, btw...this was purely an exercise in pointing out how poorly MJ is doing at running this franchise.

At this point, I figured it wouldn't have made a difference to bring up how awesome I thought this offseason has been so far...I just politely disagreed, and we moved on to other topics.

What would you have said if you overheard this conversation?