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Hornets come together for full-squad workout in Miami

Terry Rozier seemingly organized an off-season team workout in Miami with trainer Anthony Wells II

via Anthony Wells II @antwells_thetrainer

We’re in the thick of a dead period in the NBA offseason right now, and it’s been a while since there’s been any notable news regarding the Hornets. On Wednesday, a videographer (@__eyeg on Instagram) and player development coach Anthony Wells II (@antwells_thetrainer on Instagram) posted some content showing Terry Rozier has organized a team workout for the whole Charlotte Hornets squad down in Miami.

(Note: a login is required to view the linked Instagram photos/videos in full.)

If memory serves me well, this is at least the second time Rozier has organized a workout in Miami for the Hornets, with the first featuring Caleb Martin, Cody Martin, Jalen McDaniels and others as attendees. This time around, the entire team is present including the veteran newcomers and rookies (minus the two-way players) and there are trainers and photographers to document parts of it.

It goes without saying that the chemistry built during this week will be beneficial for the upcoming season and beyond, especially given that the entire current 16-man Hornets roster made it down to South Florida. Every player has their own routine during the off-season; for all of these guys to clear their schedules and meet up for a player-organized workout shows that there’s a focus on growing and building a culture together as a group.

There should be no longer be any questions as to why the Hornets extended Rozier’s contract last month. On top of being one of the NBA’s best shooters and a 20-point-per-game scorer, he’s the heart and soul of this team and a vocal leader in the locker room. All of these guys getting together to work on their game — without any team staff or coaches present — gives them a unique opportunity to bond that likely no other team in the league will have.

Young players like LaMelo Ball, James Bouknight and Kai Jones will see up close how the vets works when nobody’s watching. They get first-hand knowledge of what it takes, both during the season and in the off-season, to grow into the type of player that can bank career earnings well north of $100 million and make a name for themselves in the NBA like Hayward and Rozier have.

“I just wanna say I appreciate y’all that come out here and f——n’ with me. I feel like the season starts now. We gotta take shit serious, I don’t want nobody coming here playin’ around, feel like everybody need to get what they need and go at each other. No team is doing this in the league, so I feel like this is gonna be good for us and it’s gonna build our bond. Like I said man, everybody go out here, have fun and play hard — I don’t want nobody bullsh——n’, that’s how people get hurt. I’m glad y’all pulled up on me, let’s just go, let’s get it.” — Terry Rozier (via @__eyeg on Instagram)

NBA training camps open exactly 20 days from now on September 28, six days prior to the Hornets’ first preseason game against the Oklahoma City Thunder on October 4. We’re almost there!