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ATH Live: James is back

James from his visit stateside to talk some Hornets basketball

Charlotte Hornets v Indiana Pacers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

James Plowright has returned!

Following a holiday vacation in America, James is back and has resumed his normal At The Hive Live co-hosting duties (shoutout to Maxwell Millington for holding down the fort). We had to talk about James’ time stadeside to start the show before transitioning to some Charlotte Hornets trade discussion centered around a recent ESPN piece by Bobby Marks (can be found here).

To finish out the show, Chase asks James for thoughts on LaMelo Ball and Miles Bridges’ All-Star candidacy after getting Maxwell’s last week. Voting closes on the 22nd, so get those votes in!

The ATH email is open for questions, suggestions, and anything in between. If possible, we’d like to do a mailbag-type segment this season. Shoot us an email at or just comment down below with whatever comes to mind and we’ll get back to you either in written or podcast form as soon as we can.