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ATH Podcast: Making sense of the Hornets 3-5 start

We’re weirdly optimistic about the Hornets less than stellar start to the season.

Houston Rockets v Charlotte Hornets Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

We’ve got a couple weeks’ worth of data to judge the start of the season for the Charlotte Hornets. The team is just 3-5, but there are a lot of positives to take away, and it’s hard to grade harshly given the injury situation. We talk through all of the highs and the lows:

  • The Hornets are fresh off a blowout loss to the Chicago Bulls in which Gordon Hayward got hurt and the effects of the team’s decimated guard rotation became very apparent
  • Getting by without any healthy shot creators
  • A summary of the highlights from the last few games
  • Taking positives away from the win against the Golden State Warriors
  • The different principles we see under Steve Clifford compared to his first tenure and compared to James Borrego
  • Buzzin’ and wuzzn’t with very obvious buzzin’ candidates and less obvious wuzzn’ts
  • Discussions about the Hornets injury problems and how that’ll play into the upcoming schedule


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