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ATH Podcast: The season is not going well

Things have fallen apart since we last talked.

Houston Rockets v Charlotte Hornets Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

The last time we talked, a depleted Charlotte Hornets team had just beaten the Golden State Warriors, and things were looking up. Everything has fallen apart since then, so we need to retake stock of where we are. On this episode:

  • Where are our expectations now? Do we still think chasing wins is the move, or is time to shift attention to the future?
  • What it’ll take for the Hornets to bounce back from this start if they do try to win and where the line is to turn things around (hint: it’s very close)
  • The center situation since I know you all didn’t get enough of that in my article the other day
  • The atrocity that the Hornets cause an offense and what makes it extra bad
  • Mark Williams in the G League
  • Another new Swarm player that is the quintessential G League story line
  • A preview of the weeks ahead


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