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LaMelo Ball named to the Rising Stars roster

The Hornets young star will be at All Star weekend.

Oklahoma City Thunder v Charlotte Hornets Photo by Kent Smith/NBAE via Getty Images

The Charlotte Hornets will have at least one representative at All Star Weekend pending the announcement of the final All Star rosters.

LaMelo Ball has been announced as part of the player pool for the upcoming Rising Stars Challenge that will be a marked departure from what we’re used to seeing out of the event.

In short, four former NBA greats will draft four teams of seven from the pool of 28 players. Those four teams will play a mini-tournament. The first round will be to 50 points, and the final will be to 25. There’s no clock involved. It’s pickup basketball, folks.

There will also be a shooting contest in between the second and third games of the mini-tournament that I’m not quite as clear on.

I like the NBA doing these weird, creative things for their special event. The result of the game doesn’t matter, so why not spice it up with alternative rules and have some fun with it?

It’s also nice to see a return to normalcy for All Star Weekend after we were deprived of it last season. LaMelo Ball is the perfect player for the All Star atmosphere, and it’s very exciting that we’ll get to see him go into his bag for a no stakes All Star game.