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ATH Live: Interview with Rod Boone

Rod Boone of the Charlotte Observer joins the show to talk about his career and covering the Hornets.

Charlotte Hornets v Indiana Pacers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Rod Boone of The Charlotte Observer is here for this week’s At The Hive Live!

Big thanks to Rod for coming on the show, we had a great time talking about the Hornets with him. Obviously, his work can be found in the Observer, and he can be found on Twitter @rodboone. Here’s a discussion outline:

- Your career path to Charlotte Hornets beat reporter?

What are some of the challenges of beat reporting in a pandemic? Has your experience changed at all now following the team every single game with the Observer?

- How has covering the Hornets as a media member changed over the years? Are more media attending games this year as they become more competitive?

- The Hornets’ success in player development

- Ball/Bridges all star candidacy and what it would mean for the organization?

- Your thoughts on the upcoming trade deadline?

The ATH email is open for questions, suggestions, and anything in between. If possible, we’d like to do a mailbag-type segment this season. Shoot us an email at or just comment down below with whatever comes to mind and we’ll get back to you either in written or podcast form as soon as we can.