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Hornets sign Isaiah Thomas to second 10-day contract

The Hornets retain the veteran guard as he starts to work his way into the rotation.

Boston Celtics v Charlotte Hornets Photo by Brock Williams-Smith/NBAE via Getty Images

The Charlotte Hornets announced today that they’re signing Isaiah Thomas to a second 10-day contract.

Thomas has appeared in three game for the Hornets, averaging 9.7 points and shooting 42.9% from three in 13.7 minutes per game.

He wasn’t a consistent feature in the Hornets rotation for the first few games of his first 10-day contract save for some emergency minutes against the Cavaliers when LaMelo Ball was in foul trouble. However, he’s been more a part of the plans in the last two games, including his best run as a Hornet with 14 points and four 3-pointers made in 16 minutes during the Hornets blowout win over the Pelicans on Friday night.

The contract will keep Thomas on the roster for the Hornets next four games, after which the team will have to decide to either sign him for the remainder of the season or part ways. Given what we’ve seen so far, it seems more likely Thomas is here for the rest of the year.