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Hornets have worst odds to make noise among Eastern Conference playoff contenders

According to the DraftKings sportsbook, the Hornets aren’t likely to make the playoffs and have almost impossible odds to advance very far.

NBA: Charlotte Hornets at New Orleans Pelicans Andrew Wevers-USA TODAY Sports

The Charlotte Hornets have been slipping in recent months. They fell out of the race for a locked in playoff spot and are now battling with the Hawks for the ninth and tenth seeds. It’s looking more and more likely that they’ll have to win consecutive play-in games to make the playoffs in earnest.

With the downward trend and lack of reputation, sportsbooks don’t have much faith in the Hornets to do much of anything. The current over/under for the Hornets win total is 39.5, which is about the pace they’re currently on and wouldn’t be enough to change their seeding for the better. Though if there’s anything to take solace in, the over is -135 compared to +105 for the under, so the odds seem to be more in favor of the Hornets hitting the over.

The Hornets are +450 to make the playoffs and -700 to miss them, basically meaning they’re considered quite a bit more likely to miss the playoffs than to make them. They’re odds to win the Eastern Conference and Championship are +20,000 and +40,000 respectively. Both of those are the worst odds of the ten Eastern Conference teams expected to have a shot at the playoffs.

It’s not surprising that the odds are against the Hornets. They haven’t played like a playoff team for several weeks now, and they don’t have the pedigree of a team like the Hawks that has won games on the big stage recently. Though if you have a feeling that the Hornets can get hot and do something crazy, they can win you some money.

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