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ATH Live: Filippo Baressi joins the show to talk about the Hornets hot streak

TrueShooting’s Filippo Baressi is back on At The Hive Live! Chase and James get Filippo’s thoughts on the Hornets’ recent hot stretch, as well as plenty of thoughts on potential play-in matchups and rotation decision

Charlotte Hornets v Indiana Pacers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Filippo Baressi is back for his second appearance on At The Hive Live!

With the Charlotte Hornets coming off of five-straight wins and a home victory over the Utah Jazz, Chase, James and Filippo discuss the highlights and give their thoughts on how the team turned it around. After that, we move on to the play-in and talk about potential matchups and rotation decisions that James Borrego might make in a do-or-die scenario. Here’s a rough outline:

- Hornets win streak, highlights and points of improvement from those games

- Play-in matchup thoughts and predictions

- 10-man rotation, how do we envision it being cut for the play-in

- Will Hayward be a part of said rotation, plus a theoretical injury timeline from James

- March madness: favorite games/prospect games, players that have stood out

The ATH email is open for questions, suggestions, and anything in between. If possible, we’d like to do a mailbag-type segment this season. Shoot us an email at or just comment down below with whatever comes to mind and we’ll get back to you either in written or podcast form as soon as we can.