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ATH Live: Hornets talk with EmbreyNBA

EmbreyNBA joins Chase and James to talk about his journey as a Hornets content creator on Tik Tok and Twitter.

Charlotte Hornets v Indiana Pacers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Chase and James are joined by EmbreyNBA on this week’s At The Hive Live!

Embrey can be found on Twitter and Tik Tok @EmbreyNBA. He’s a longtime Hornets fan that creates content about the team and the NBA in general, cultivating a 34,000-plus follower count on Tik Tok so far. Both of us had a blast talking to Embrey, we hope the listeners enjoy this one as much as we did! Here’s a discussion outline:

- Embrey’s background to being a Charlotte Hornets fan

- Embrey’s journey into content creation

- Info about Tik Tok/his account

- How NBA Tik Tok content differs to Twitter

- Goals for your channel/account

- Hornets talk

The ATH email is open for questions, suggestions, and anything in between. If possible, we’d like to do a mailbag-type segment this season. Shoot us an email at or just comment down below with whatever comes to mind and we’ll get back to you either in written or podcast form as soon as we can.